Props in React

It is very difficult not to encounter the concept of prop while we are using React. It is important that we should know this concept while we are building app in React.

What is State Management?

State management is one of the most important topic in React and today we are going to use state in class components and functional components. Before that let’ s learn what state is.
State is a Javascript object. It stores data and any changes on that data will re-render page again. Why is that important? Because we always want the display latest version of our data and with state we achive that.

Basit Bir React Uygulamasının Oluşturulması ve Uygulama Yapısının İncelenmesi

React konulu eğitim serisinin ilk çıktısı olan bu yazıda; basit bir react uygulaması oluşturup, uygulamanın genel yapısını inceleyeceğiz.