Exercises for Training the Whole Brain

Think your brain as a muscle for a second, even if it’s not a muscle. You can train your
brain as well as your other muscles. But how do you even start doing that?

In order to train a muscle you need to know appropriate exercises based on the
functionalities and limitations of that muscle. In the case of a brain, it is very difficult to
assess what it can or can’t do, so the ‘whole’ part in the title is a little bit flawed in that
sense, but bear with me and you will have a nice brain exercise.

Without losing any more time, we start our brain workout by listing an exercise-pair that
consists of one functionality and one limitation(?) of a brain. Try to work that out and
continue with the other pairs. Have fun!


Find the ?
2+2 = 8
3 + 3 = 18
4 + 4 = 32
10 + 10 = ?
Three utilities problem, can each house be connected to each utility, with no connection lines crossing (in 2D)?

If you want to continue training, here are more pairs for you:


Try to guess how the dog feels in each picture.

What does falling from 100-meter tall building feel like?
What sound would your emotions make if they had the ability to make sound?


5-minute chair yoga,

How long can you stay in a seated position without a chair?


Try these tongue twisters to practice clear articulation. Start slowly and build up speed.

  1. High roller, low roller, lower roller.
  2. I need a box of biscuits, a box of mixed biscuits, and a biscuit mixer.
  3. He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.
  4. The jolly collie swallowed a lollipop.
  5. Friday’s Five Fresh Fish Specials.
  6. Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary
  7. Twixt this and six thick thistle sticks.
  8. Red leather, yellow leather.
  9. She sells seashells by the seashore, and the shells she sells are seashells.

Repeat the above sentences faster and faster without making a mistake.


15 + 19 = x
x * 3 = y
y / 2 = z
x + y + z = ?
What did you eat on 11/11/2011 for lunch?



Rotate the dice in the given direction for 90 degrees, then

rotate it another 90 degrees in the above direction.
What number do you see inside the red square?


Congratulations, you managed to complete all the exercise pairs and did a comprehensive
brain workout. Try to do similar exercises on a daily basis and enjoy a healthy brain.

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